The baggage is undoubtedly the most important luggage that you will take. And, whatever happens, it will be the one you take with you during the flight or in case the suitcases do not arrive at your destination in time, or for whatever reason. Therefore, putting these tips into practice will be very useful for your next trip.

First, choose the right size of your carry-on bag and make sure it is the one accepted by the airline you are traveling on. Usually, our hand luggage should weigh no more than ten kilograms and the dimensions must be 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

Afterwards, the first thing we have to do is a good list with everything we want to take several days before the trip, to write down the things that may be happening to us or erase those that we believe will not be so necessary. Remember that in this luggage you must store essential items, among which must be:

  • Complete clothing refill
  • Seedlings and underwear
  • Shoes
  • Bag with allowed
  • Medicines
  • Chargers for your electronic devices
  • Snacks

To begin with, choose spare parts that take into account the weather and the place of your destination and also introduce a pair of empty plastic bags to put the dirty clothes if you had to change in the plane. Once you have this in mind, try to keep things tidy. As a rule, it is best to put the heaviest garments on the bottom – trousers or coats – while at the top, we will place the lighter shirts and garments, or those that tend to wrinkle. The shoes can be placed on one side, taking advantage of any gap.

Another way to organize your clothes is to roll it up and place it as a puzzle so that everything is perfectly organized, occupying the minimum space. If the garments have pockets, you can use them to store socks and other things you carry on board.

If you are wearing electronics – which you are sure to do – protect them with covers and put them on the top of the suitcase, as you must remove them for safety checks. Do not forget your respective chargers!

In case the trip is very long – or you have to do night in some unexpected place due to scales, delays, etc. – it is highly recommended to carry in your transparent bag of liquids – no more than a liter of capacity, More than 100 ml – toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizing cream or even lip balms. Check that the boats are perfectly closed and use cellophane if necessary to avoid surprises.

Finally, do not forget your favorite snacks . Whenever they are not liquids – if you are traveling with children, the restrictions of liquids do not apply -, you can take something to eat during the flight in case they do not offer meals or it is a long flight in which you can lose some food or You do not like the menu.

Otherwise, close your suitcase: you’ll be ready to fly. Enjoy and, happy trip!