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Dubai: The Ultimate Luxury Vacation

The rich and luxurious city of Dubai is certainly a spectacle to see in the United Arab Emirates. The city is well-known for its extravagant hotels, bright lights, and top-notch food from chefs all around the world. In the past few years, Dubai has received a lot of international attention for it’s luxurious getaway spots, and according to Reuters, the number of foreign tourists visiting Dubai in the first half of 2017 rose by 10.6 percent!

Are you curious to see what all the fuss is about? Below are some of my favorite reasons why I think Dubai is the ultimate luxury vacation.

Gaze at the Dubai Miracle Garden

Located in Downtown Dubai, the miracle garden is an insanely beautiful sight to see. With about 100 million blooming flowers in every color of the rainbow, the miracle garden is elaborately arranged to feature large flower structures in the shapes of hearts, flowers, and even airplanes. In fact, their Airbus A380 flower structure holds the record of the largest flower arrangement and/or structure in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Marvel at Dubai Fountain Show

After a long day of shopping at the Dubai Mall, settle in for an insane show at the world’s second-largest choreographed fountain. With water shooting up 140 metres high choreographed to music, 6,600 lights, and 25 colored projectors, the show is a spectacle to see. Set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, the Dubai Fountain was designed by the same company that created the famous fountains at the Bellagio Hotel Lake in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States.

Try the Most Expensive Ice Cream in Dubai

The temperatures can really be sweltering if you’re vacationing in Dubai. You can cool down by enjoying the most expensive ice cream in the city at Scoopi Cafe. The cafe’s signature dessert, called the ”Black Diamond,” is a sundae made with a basic vanilla bean ice cream imported from Madagascar, but the toppings are what make the sundae over-the-top. Dusted with saffron imported from Iran, rare black truffles from Alba, Italy, and 23-carat gold flakes and powder, the dessert will cost you 2999 AED.

Stay at the Glorious Burj Al Arab Hotel

This hotel built on a manmade island is certainly a sight to see because the hotel is uniquely shaped like a sailboat ready to make its way out to sea! The interior of the hotel is just as nice, considering each private suite comes with two floors and a team of butlers. If you’re feeling even more opulent, the four-floor Royal Suite features a four-poster bed rotating on a pedestal and stairs made of marble and gold.


Automaker Profile: Koenigsegg

The beautiful country of Sweden is known for it’s tasty chocolate, their envious work-life balance philosophy, and fantastic engineering — more specifically their fantastic auto engineering. You’re familiar with names like Volvo and Saab, but have you heard of Koenigsegg?

The luxury automaker builds high-tech hyper cars that are fast, furious, and equal parts colorful and equal parts luxurious. However, what stands out most about this car company is its humble beginnings, their excellent craftsmanship, and their records that show it all.

The Beginnings of a Great Company

Twenty-two year old Christian von Koenigsegg was on a mission to create the perfect sports car that flawlessly entwined technology and innovation with the signature luxury looks of a sports car. The prototype of the first model, named the CC, was taken on a test drive to the swanky Cannes Film Festival in 1997. Reactions from film stars, movie critics and directors were overwhelmingly positive, due in part to the vehicle’s uniqueness in its detachable and storable roof that was fully integrated in the coupe shape. Since so many people requested this car, Koenigsegg put it into production. From that point on, the Koenigsegg Car Company was born.

Smashing Records

Since it’s inception, Koenigsegg’s cars have broken multiple records. When the company was just in startup mode, Koenigsegg’s CC8S model was awarded the title “The World’s Most Powerful Production Car Ever,” by Guinness World Records in 2002. That same year, Jeremy Clarkson of BBC’s television show “Top Gear” named the CC8S model to be his favorite supercar. Three years later, Koenigsegg’s CCR model — which was an evolution of the CC8S model — became the fastest production car in the world. After just a few short years of being in business, Koenigsegg’s unique designs, innovations and multiple recognitions launched the company even further than Christian ever imagined.

Their Philosophy

It’s easy to say that Koenigsegg has only one main focus for its cars: its performance. According to Koenigsegg’s website,

“Every aspect of the development process is focused on performance, not only in terms of power and speed, but in every deliverable. From powertrain to safety – every part must enable the car to deliver the best possible performance.”

Because Koenigsegg takes their performance standards seriously, careful thought goes into every single decision that’s made with the company. From materials, to staff hirings to the software and setup of facilities, Koenigsegg takes great care in producing a product they’re proud of.

Every Model is Made with Love

Because of Koenigsegg’s rigorous standards, every auto part in every model is made with great love and passion and is “painstakingly built by a select group of automotive artisans to the highest possible standards.” What’s even better about Koenigsegg? There are only about 40 “automotive artisans” employed by the company, meaning the staff can entirely be directly supervised by Christian himself.

Stay tuned to my blog for more automaker profiles!



Beat the Heat with These 4 Things to Do in Mexico City

Ancient Aztec history resides in the soil and sound of Mexico City, Mexico’s densely populated capital. Historic preservation combined with contemporary life attract travelers and tourists from all over the globe. With a myriad of destinations to explore in Mexico City, it’s best to have your trip well planned, ensuring you hit all of the locations you desire to see over the span of your trip. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Mexico City trip, be sure to check out these popular attractions and activities.

Mercado de Artesanías La Ciudadela

Shopping in Mexico City provides an array of Mexican crafts for any and all visitors. The Ciudadela, a semi-covered market with more than 200 vendor stalls, sits close to the historical center of Mexico. Covering over 16,000 square meters, you can plan to spend at least an hour of your time covering the full grounds. As you shop, there are some food and drink stalls that provide the perfect snack to your leisurely shopping stroll for souvenirs.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

In English, Museo Nacional de Antropologia translates to “The National Museum of Anthropology.” This museum is home to historical and famous artifacts that date all the way back 100 B.C. during Mexico’s pre-Columbian era. One of the most famous artifacts you’ll find here is the Piedra del Sol, an ancient Aztec sun calendar sculpted into a stone.

If you plan to travel to this museum, be warned that many say you can spend an entire day here. Plan your trip to ensure you’ll be able to see all that this museum has to offer. On Sundays, Mexican residents receive free admission, so it’s advisable to visit on another day of the week.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Hosting some of Mexico’s top events in music, theater, dance and more, the Palacio de Bellas Artes has also been called “Cathedral of Art in Mexico.” The building itself provides gorgeous architecture in various styles, with Art Nouveau dominating the exterior. Notable events that have taken place here include the National Symphonic Orchestra, among other ballets and operas. Famous paintings of murals are also found here, decorating the walls with history and class. If you’re looking to experience the culture, the Palacio de Bellas Artes is a thriving place to visit.

Catedral Metropolitana

In all of Latin America, Catedral Metropolitana is the largest and the oldest based in the city’s plaza. One of the stunning attributions to the Cathedral are the two bell towers containing a total of 25 bells. Having survived a fire and numerous damage in 1967, the cathedral has since then been restored. This historical chapel attracts tourists for its stunning architecture and rich, cultural history.


Sobre el Turismo del Coche en Cuba

Desde su incremento de turismo internacional y, principalmente, desde la reciente apertura de las relaciones con los Estados Unidos, Cuba se ha posicionado como uno de los sitios ideales para realizar un viaje. La posibilidad de descubrir una historia única donde el café, el dominó y la vida “a lo cubano” forman un combo imperdible ahora es real. Uno de los focos que ha posibilitado e incrementado el turismo en la isla también es el de los autos antiguos. ¿A qué se debe esto?

En Cuba, durante casi cincuenta años, se han utilizado relativamente poco (o nada) los coches y han quedado guardados en manos de cada propietario. Esto posibilitó que vehículos de las décadas del 50 y 60 se hayan conservado realmente a la perfección y hoy en día luzcan en su estado original. Desde ya que eso impactó en el turismo, puesto que encuentra una gran atracción en vivir algo que solo se puede experimentar en este país. Los autos americanos que se encuentran en Cuba permiten realizar un viaje en el tiempo y disfrutar al máximo de un país que tiene mucho para dar. El auge del turismo los ha rescatado del olvido cada vez en mayor proporción, y ello se observa en muchas de sus calles repletas de vehículos de antaño.

Si usted quiere tomar postales únicas y vivenciar esta experiencia en primera persona, en Cuba puede encontrar eso y mucho más. En la Habana existe la posibilidad de descubrir el fabuloso barrio restaurado de la “Habana Vieja”, donde plazas, catedrales y edificios antiguos se imponen a modo de coro al turista, hasta la opción de ir hasta “La Cabaña” y observar el antiguo fuerte y, por las noches, el tradicional cañonazo hacia el mar.

Para los amantes de la naturaleza, las playas de Cuba están valoradas como las más bonitas de todo el mundo. Aguas cristalinas, temperatura ideal y la posibilidad de realizar actividades de buceo y snorkel, permiten al visitante obtener un combo único. Combinar esa ciudad de gran vida nocturna con cayos increíbles y paradisíacos hoy es posible en Cuba, sobre todo si se lo realiza en un americano antiguo. Tan solo escuchar el motor de estos potentes vehículos conservados a lo largo del tiempo suponen una experiencia magistral.

En el blog Salon usted puede encontrar interesantes reseñas de viajeros, con entradas sobre distintas experiencias que detallan esta particularidad de vivir la historia cubana a través de sus vehículos.


Cómo Preparar tu Equipaje de Mano

The baggage is undoubtedly the most important luggage that you will take. And, whatever happens, it will be the one you take with you during the flight or in case the suitcases do not arrive at your destination in time, or for whatever reason. Therefore, putting these tips into practice will be very useful for your next trip.

First, choose the right size of your carry-on bag and make sure it is the one accepted by the airline you are traveling on. Usually, our hand luggage should weigh no more than ten kilograms and the dimensions must be 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

Afterwards, the first thing we have to do is a good list with everything we want to take several days before the trip, to write down the things that may be happening to us or erase those that we believe will not be so necessary. Remember that in this luggage you must store essential items, among which must be:

  • Complete clothing refill
  • Seedlings and underwear
  • Shoes
  • Bag with allowed
  • Medicines
  • Chargers for your electronic devices
  • Snacks

To begin with, choose spare parts that take into account the weather and the place of your destination and also introduce a pair of empty plastic bags to put the dirty clothes if you had to change in the plane. Once you have this in mind, try to keep things tidy. As a rule, it is best to put the heaviest garments on the bottom – trousers or coats – while at the top, we will place the lighter shirts and garments, or those that tend to wrinkle. The shoes can be placed on one side, taking advantage of any gap.

Another way to organize your clothes is to roll it up and place it as a puzzle so that everything is perfectly organized, occupying the minimum space. If the garments have pockets, you can use them to store socks and other things you carry on board.

If you are wearing electronics – which you are sure to do – protect them with covers and put them on the top of the suitcase, as you must remove them for safety checks. Do not forget your respective chargers!

In case the trip is very long – or you have to do night in some unexpected place due to scales, delays, etc. – it is highly recommended to carry in your transparent bag of liquids – no more than a liter of capacity, More than 100 ml – toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizing cream or even lip balms. Check that the boats are perfectly closed and use cellophane if necessary to avoid surprises.

Finally, do not forget your favorite snacks . Whenever they are not liquids – if you are traveling with children, the restrictions of liquids do not apply -, you can take something to eat during the flight in case they do not offer meals or it is a long flight in which you can lose some food or You do not like the menu.

Otherwise, close your suitcase: you’ll be ready to fly. Enjoy and, happy trip!


Nightlife on the Baja California Strip

The Mexican state of Baja California is known to be a party destination by travelers, especially those from the United States. The cities of Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada are all popular for their shopping, dining, and nightlife. As someone who enjoys nightlife all over the world, I’m providing you with a small peek into the nightlife the Baja California strip has to offer partygoers and food lovers alike.

Avenida Revolucioń, Tijuana

The main street in Tijuana has many shops, street vendors and restaurants for tourists to wander through during the daytime. After a day of shopping, its gastropubs and breweries provide a nice setting to grab a bite to eat before the sun goes down. Once it’s dark in Tijuana, the bars and clubs turn Avenida Revolucioń into one big party. Among the streets and bars, you’ll find interesting musical blends of live bands and club music. Partygoers can also walk from bar to bar, while sipping on anything from a cold, craft beer to champagne.

Papas & Beer, two locations in Rosarito and Ensenada

This beachfront nightclub is known for its amazing drinks, live performances, mouthwatering food, and endless partying. With more than 43,000 square feet of beachfront, partygoers can dance the night away with soft sand between their toes, take a dip in the Pacific Ocean or play a round or two of beach volleyball. For those who prefer the land instead of the sea, you can enjoy a drink in one of the seven fully stocked bars on decks overlooking the beach, go for a quick dive in the swimming pool, or take a ride on the mechanical bull.

Because Papas & Beer is an all-night affair, they have partnered with hotels just a few blocks away from the club to offer partygoers the opportunity to plan the weekend of a lifetime with ease. The Rosarito Beach Hotel, Festival Plaza, and Rosarito Inn Oceana all offer their guests fantastic amenities like massages, child care, and free wi-fi.

Skybar at Planta Baja, Ensenada

The Skybar at Planta Baja refers to themselves as “a restaurant without labels,” so they are willing to explore different styles of cuisine. It’s reflected in their menu, where a plethora of meal options can please any diner. According to a review on their Facebook page, the restaurant and bar has “great natural flavors that are cooked to order and a huge choice with over 80 options. There’s something for all.”

With a great view to watch the sunset in the outdoor dining area and a huge selection of wines and craft beers, this place is highly recommended by all who visit. The Facebook reviews don’t lie — it’s rated with 4.7 out of 5 stars!


Airlines with the Best First Class Amenities

As a world traveler, I always like to experience the best of the best of airline’s first-class seating. Whether I’m traveling to the U.A.E. or Singapore, these international airlines have some of the best first-class amenities that airlines have to offer. Below is a small selection of the best first-class amenities for world travelers who like to jet-set in luxury and style.


You know how your skin often feels dry after flying? You won’t have to worry about that with Emirates! The airline offers the world’s first moisturizing pajamas designed for overnight flights. The revolutionary fabric releases nutrient-rich sea kelp as passengers sleep, which will prevent skin dehydration and stimulate blood circulation. Not only that, but the pajamas come with matching slippers and an eye mask!

Passengers are also offered amenity kits made from leather. The kits include Italian designer Bulgari’s fragrance, Eau Parfumée au thé, and other pampering skin care products. To get more of the Bulgari experience, passengers can take an onboard shower using Bulgari brand toiletries.

Even better, soon Emirate’s onboard lounges will feature a more modern and sophisticated design in calming neutrals — perfect for when you want to relax on your trip.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has quite a few first class amenities for its travelers. Italian luxury goods company Salvatore Ferragamo supplies products for Singapore Airlines’ first-class amenity kits, which features Eau de Toilette from Acqua Essenziale BLU, lip balm, after shave balm, and a cleansing towel. In addition to these luxurious amenities, Singapore Airlines offers its first-class passengers with individualized mood lighting that can be set according to their preferred intensity for reading or working, a personal 24-inch HD-enabled personal LCD, and wine and dine on personalized culinary creations put together by chefs from their International Culinary Panel.

Qatar Airways

You will be traveling in luxury with Qatar Airways. Passengers in first class can enjoy a luxury pajama set made of 100% cotton that feature a faux fur interior for comfort on the flight. It also comes with matching cotton slippers! In addition, passengers are offered amenity kits created by luxury designers BRIC’s and Nappa Dori. The kits contain a selection of skincare products from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, a wine and cosmetics company based in Italy.

Passengers can even dine in luxury with celebrity-chef signature dishes. Passengers can order whatever they please from the menu, which features a variety of sweet or savoury dishes bursting with flavor. When diners are finished, they can go back to their private cabin and comfortably work with laptop power, a USB plug and on-board Wi-Fi. If they’re looking for some relaxation, passengers can sit back in their large chair with up to 3,000 entertainment options.

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