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How to Improve Your Golf Swing

Is your golf score too high for your liking? If you think hitting more balls on the range will give you the practice you need to lower your score, you might want to think twice and evaluate your golf swing instead. The golf swing is the single most important factor when improving your game, so instead of hitting more balls, you should take time to reevaluate and study your swing. Here are a few ideas that you can practice both at home and on the course.

Record Yourself to Learn from Your Mistakes

We all have weak spots that we’re not aware we have — that is until either someone tells us or we can see it for ourselves. To learn from your mistakes, you can record video of your golf swing via a tripod or a friend who’s on the course with you. You can use this as an opportunity for some practice, then watch the video later on with a notepad and pen in hand. As you’re watching and replaying your golf swing, take note of your stance, balance, grip and other techniques that assist with making the perfect golf swing.

Or Hire a Golf Teacher

Instead of recording yourself, you can also hire a golf teacher to show you the ropes. This hands-on approach can be better for visual players who learn best with a coach by their side to physically point out flaws and readjust form.

Double Check that Your Golf Clubs are Properly Sized

Since every golfer is different, it’s only appropriate that every golfer has properly sized clubs based on their height. Your golf clubs should be the same length as the distance from the ground to the tips of your fingers when your arms are relaxed at your sides. If this is not the case for you, unfortunately you might have to purchase a new set of clubs that align more with your height. However, this will pay off in the long run by improving your overall game.  

Practice Your Balance

If your feet move and become unbalanced during your swing, your hands and body will try to realign that balance — which can heavily affect the outcome of your swing since it relies on your hands being properly placed. You will want to practice your balance. Try swinging your club while standing on the foam log. Although this sounds like it’s a difficult feat to accomplish, once you have mastered balancing on the log, keeping your feet balanced on solid ground will be a whole lot easier.

Watch Your Hand Placement

You don’t want to keep your hands too high on the club, or else you won’t have as much control, and therefore the ball might not go in the direction you need it to go. When you keep your hands low, you will have more control and you can actually lower the flight of the ball — which is great for certain shots that need a lower trajectory.


Airlines with the Best First Class Amenities

As a world traveler, I always like to experience the best of the best of airline’s first-class seating. Whether I’m traveling to the U.A.E. or Singapore, these international airlines have some of the best first-class amenities that airlines have to offer. Below is a small selection of the best first-class amenities for world travelers who like to jet-set in luxury and style.


You know how your skin often feels dry after flying? You won’t have to worry about that with Emirates! The airline offers the world’s first moisturizing pajamas designed for overnight flights. The revolutionary fabric releases nutrient-rich sea kelp as passengers sleep, which will prevent skin dehydration and stimulate blood circulation. Not only that, but the pajamas come with matching slippers and an eye mask!

Passengers are also offered amenity kits made from leather. The kits include Italian designer Bulgari’s fragrance, Eau Parfumée au thé, and other pampering skin care products. To get more of the Bulgari experience, passengers can take an onboard shower using Bulgari brand toiletries.

Even better, soon Emirate’s onboard lounges will feature a more modern and sophisticated design in calming neutrals — perfect for when you want to relax on your trip.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has quite a few first class amenities for its travelers. Italian luxury goods company Salvatore Ferragamo supplies products for Singapore Airlines’ first-class amenity kits, which features Eau de Toilette from Acqua Essenziale BLU, lip balm, after shave balm, and a cleansing towel. In addition to these luxurious amenities, Singapore Airlines offers its first-class passengers with individualized mood lighting that can be set according to their preferred intensity for reading or working, a personal 24-inch HD-enabled personal LCD, and wine and dine on personalized culinary creations put together by chefs from their International Culinary Panel.

Qatar Airways

You will be traveling in luxury with Qatar Airways. Passengers in first class can enjoy a luxury pajama set made of 100% cotton that feature a faux fur interior for comfort on the flight. It also comes with matching cotton slippers! In addition, passengers are offered amenity kits created by luxury designers BRIC’s and Nappa Dori. The kits contain a selection of skincare products from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, a wine and cosmetics company based in Italy.

Passengers can even dine in luxury with celebrity-chef signature dishes. Passengers can order whatever they please from the menu, which features a variety of sweet or savoury dishes bursting with flavor. When diners are finished, they can go back to their private cabin and comfortably work with laptop power, a USB plug and on-board Wi-Fi. If they’re looking for some relaxation, passengers can sit back in their large chair with up to 3,000 entertainment options.


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