Asaf Zanzuri, a businessman with international experience, balances his professional career with a variety of hobbies and interests. Whether through travel, sports or the technology industry, Asaf is always looking for ways to enrich their personal knowledge and engage with the local community.

Asaf was born and raised in Israel, where he worked as an electronics engineer for several years. Throughout his career, he has had the fortune of traveling extensively for business and pleasure. Asaf is an expert in the business of security, technology and cybernetics and international intelligence. Before founding his own company, Asaf spent eight years working in these industries in Israel and in several European nations.

On a personal level, Asaf thinks travel is the best way to learn about other countries and to understand their cultures more deeply. While diving into new places, Asaf tries to expand his own perspective: by exploring local cuisine, historical monuments, cultural artifacts and other things that define each site.

Asaf Zanzuri has traveled to Latin America and has also visited several destinations in Europe such as Italy, France and Ibiza (an island on the east coast of Spain). Asaf has also explored several parts of Asia, including Singapore and China. However, to this day, Thailand remains its most prized tourist souvenir, due to the beautiful tropical beaches of this country.

While Asaf enjoys exploring the world around him, he also knows that there is plenty to offer near his home. He is professionally involved in the business of restaurants and nightclubs in Mexico. He likes to play golf on the local courts during the weekends. He is also a car buff, and you attended shows in Mexico and the USA. UU. whenever possible. Especially interested in new cars and the evolution of the use of technology in the automotive industry, such as the birth of cars without driver.

Conveniently, as a businessman thinking about the future, Asaf Zanzuri spends much of his free time exploring the potential of technology and its applications in various sectors. When it comes to recreation, you enjoy the remote control airplane races, either by participating personally or by reading about the novelties of this exciting hobby.

Asaf Zanzuri also enjoys keeping abreast of technological developments in the security, cyber and aerospace sectors. This ongoing research allows you to stand as a real leader in the industry and continue to grow as a prominent and reliable entrepreneur.